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Dear Artists and Friends,

The importance of colour is something you appreciate. Since its limited release to the market five years ago, demand for Moriarty COLOUR Guide products has been growing. The principles of the colour guide were launched with Merv Moriarty’s book, COLOUR - the definitive guide along with the Moriarty HTP COLOUR chart and Three-section COLOUR Wheel & Mixing Plotter.

This COLOUR Guide for the future, which has been developed by renowned art educator Merv Moriarty allows us to constructively think about colour: 

  • selecting exactly the colour you want
  • revolutionising colour mixing  
  • creating more vibrant colour.

The guide is now being used by colourists and art students worldwide.

We see a place for the Moriarty COLOUR Guide in all art and design institutions as well as throughout the colour and design industry. We are almost ready to print the revised COLOUR Chart and COLOUR Wheel. This edition will be the last edition before the system is patented for digital application. We are very excited about this next stage of product development.

This new COLOUR guide represents a more meaningful way of thinking about colour and colour relationships. And the new edition and subsequent digitalization of the Moriarty COLOUR Guide will allow Merv to further his investigation into modern colour theory.

To get the new edition of the Moriarty COLOUR Guide to print we are asking for a gift from you and in return we will give you a gift.

Merv Moriarty and Prue Acton


What’s new about the Moriarty COLOUR Guide?

Merv Moriarty is revolutionising colour. Over the past five years he has been perfecting the COLOUR guide, bringing together light and pigment into one system, one simple code, unlike any other system.

The Moriarty COLOUR Guide allows users to identify and mix any colour, create and preview colour relationships. Colourists are excited at how the three-section colour wheel predicts the light they are creating.

'It is essentially an organisation of all colour visible to the human eye, arranged in a meaningful and structure format that allows the user to have maximum command of their colour combinations.

The guide now has 3,600 colour swatches; we have added a new tone strip, at 9.5 Tone to accommodate very light colours - valuable for artists, but also decorators, house paint and paper sellers. 

The COLOUR Wheel & Mixing Plotter enables us to identify the colours to mix together to match a colour, without using black, which muddies colour. The Plotter paths also help us to find better colour relationship. Why? Because the colour wheel is mathematically correct.' Merv Moriarty


New edition of Moriarty COLOUR Guide

• One 3-D colour space: from light to pigment

• Identifies every colour by hue, tone and purity (HTP) - the three variables of colour

• In pigment there is no addition of black to change purity or tone

Three-section COLOUR wheel & mixing plotter

COLOUR Wheel (without plotter) show here in RGB; in print it is the most vibrant colour possible. The transparent Plotter paths show two colours you need to mix any colour - plus alternatives - and how to create beautiful colour stories.

'We see colour in light, we mix colour in pigment.'
Merv Moriarty

HTP COLOUR chart – 3,600 colour swatches

Shown here is Hue 360, one of the 36 hue panels x 10 tone and 10 purities = 100 colour swatches in the printed foldout chart

‘As my colour appreciation deepens, I find I am using the HTP chart, wheel & plotter more and more to refine my paintings where I explore the beauty of colour.’ Prue Acton


Your Gift. Our Gift.

All Gifts are welcome. Click any of the BUY NOW links above to donate.

Other payment options

Direct Deposit: BSB 032682 ACC 194776 (please ensure your name is on the transaction and email us notification) 

Credit Card payments via phone: +61 02 6494 1033

Cheques to: Merv Moriarty, 1476 Sapphire Coast Drive, Wallagoot NSW 2550, AUSTRALIA


To discuss further how you could be involved, please call Prue on 61 (0)2 6494 5144


Your support is so valuable to us and we are excited to share the next stage of the project with you.

Prue and Merv

Using the HTP COLOUR chart and COLOUR wheel in situ

'A colour guide that is complete, easy to use, giving freedom of choice yet based on scientific knowledge and aesthetic rightness',
Merv Moroarty

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