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I am really enjoying the workshops. They are challenging, but I am finding them rewarding and fun (if I can use that word). Merv is a wonderful teacher, his energy, knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring. I look forward to receiving and reading COLOUR - the definitive guide, as I’m sure it will consolidate all that I have been learning in these days.
Andy Waugh, November 2013

Merv, once again thank you for opening up the miraculous world of colour. The 1200km drive home felt like I had new eyes in which to view the panoramic vistas of nature in all her glory from sunup to sundown. The colour experiments were an artistic revelation and will inspire me to share this with my senior art classes. I can hardly wait for my own copy of COLOUR - the definitive guide.
Jacqui Ryding

I recently attended one of Merv's Colour Workshops and I can highly recommend attending one to any artist wanting to experience colour in a way not experienced before. Merv's new "Colour System" is a paradigm shift and I cannot wait to get my copy of his colour tool found in his new book. I believe his new book on Colour, soon to be launched, will be known as "The book" on colour by artists and colourists in the future. Thank you again Merv for the wonderful learning and mentoring. I will never look at nature the same way again.
Beverly Spiller, September 2011

Hi Merv, I just want to say how much I enjoyed the workshop last weekend and feel I have finally been enlightened. I completed 3 small paintings yesterday and they have the Ah! factor. I'm just about to head out to the mountain to attempt another, this time with rocks, which will add nice curves to my straight line analysis. I also tried the black and white studies which helped a lot. You definitely have a gift and I thankyou for sharing your discoveries with us. I found a quote which states‐ 'I have potential greater than what I believe myself capable of. What I believe about what I can do is strictly limited by what my subconscious mind will allow me to believe'. I am on the verge of another journey of discovery, isn't ART amazing! Artfully yours,

Kathleen McCue

Hello Mr Moriarty
I am so excited to hear that you are capturing your memories of the Flying Art School. I was a child when you came to Wandoan and gave my mum some lessons. I still recall the impact that made on her personally and me, watching her become distracted and intrigued by art, colour and form. All a bit odd to me as I have very very low vision but could imagine the world through what she learnt in your classes and described to me. in turn my daughter has just been awarded Visual Arts Captain at her school. A concept now way beyond my comprehension but one I appreciate so much. Thank you Merv Moriarty. My love of words also helped me to remember your name but it also is a way that I can interpret the visual arts. I sometimes wonder if you are aware of the impact your school has had on so many people in my life. My sister has recently finished her cadetship with the Flying arts school as the final year of her vis arts degree. And to think it all started with a man, a vision and a plane.

(Name and address withheld)

I want to write and let you know what a great learning experience I had at your workshop. You have expanded my understanding of colour enormously! It was just fabulous and I think you are a great teacher Merve and a genius!
Joanne Scarsbrick

Certainly if I had had the benefit of such wonderful and sensitive tuition at the age of twenty or so the course of my life would have changed - I would have painted for life. As it is you have given me such confidence in an area that used to be so mysterious and daunting that what once were dreams and possibilities are now realities for me. Yours sincerely,
Gordon Undy

Thanks for this life changing workshop and our new eyes.
Robyn Bonfield

Thank you for bringing such colour into my life.
Gerry Graham

This is just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate all your insight into the artistic world I see out my window and within my heart.
Stephanie Fitzsimons - Cooma

I had always thought colour was beautiful but it was a bit of a mystery to me and my choice of colour combinations was rather hit and miss. Merv Moriarty’s colour workshop was a revelation to me. Not only did it provide me with an understanding of where colour came from but it provided me with the necessary tools to use in my art work. I can highly recommend this course to any artist.
Sue Chancellor

No artist or teacher of Art should miss any of Mervyn’s workshops on any aspect of Art. His classes are Master Classes. These are very rare in Australia. His recent workshops on Colour not only provided knowledge from years of research into the work of past scientists, theorists and artists, along with his own painting experience, but added the dimension that today’s technology has opened up in our understanding of the fascinating phenomena of Colour. As with any Master, he leads you to doorways to worlds that are exciting, mysterious and awe-inspiring.
Wendy Allen

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